Saturday, January 1, 2011

one more day of vacation

Christmas and New Years are over and I am OK with it. Christmas this year was my least favorite. We went to my brother in-laws house to meet our new nephew but it wasn't very welcoming. I realized how much I enjoy the comfort of my own home and being able to see my family on Christmas. It's all about compromise though and the hubby is very good at sharing other Holidays so I feel like I need to give him Christmas. Usually we go to his parents and I feel comfortable there so it's not bad at all, being on Ohio was tough.
So Christmas and New Years were just OK. I definitely ate way too much junk and the healthy eating and gym start again tomorrow. I haven't been on the scale at all and I'm afraid to! I'll check tomorrow morning and see what kind of damage I've done.  Tomorrow I think I'm going to go and get some new sneakers. I say think because I've been super tired the past few days and I've had no motivation to do anything so I'll see. I'd rather go to the gym with my old sneakers then go shopping and not go a workout in.
And tomorrow will be my last day of vacation :( I feel like I've been a little down the past couple of days and I'm wondering if that is why. I'm really really really dreading going to work. I loved having the past week off. It's another 8 weeks until my next vacation (and my 30th b-day)
I was thinking about posting New Years resolutions and I thought about it and decided that I don't want to resolve to do anything but I will continue to eat healthy and try harder to get the gym consistently. For now I'm enjoying my last night of vacation with bad TV and my pup!

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  1. It was hard for me to get back to work after a week off, too. Hope your week is going well! :)