Sunday, January 16, 2011

I got an award!

I have no idea how to display it but I was given one :) I'll look into it...
I haven't written all week because I didn't know what to write about, even though there were thousands of thoughts running through my head. I am pregnant. 5 weeks. It still feels like it's not real, even after the blood test that I had on Thursday. I think knowing I have PCOS and since I was given Clomid I just never thought that I could get pregnant on my first round of it, we are so lucky! I want to tell everyone! But I can't, we are at a high risk of miscarriage so we are only telling close family and very close friends. I've been tired earlier then usual and I've have some pretty painful cramps but I looked it up online and the cramps seems to be normal (as scary as it sounds) so it seems things are ok. My doctor is monitoring my HCG levels until they are at 6500 and then he is going to to an ultrasound so I'm happy about that. On Thursday it was 491 and I go in again on Wednesday. We'll see what happens. We told my in-laws today, it was great. We went to lunch and I got there early and the hostess snuck a card I had made into the menu and my mother-in-law got to open it. She read it, then said "you're pregnant?" put her hands on her face like she was in home alone and began to cry. It was great. Telling people is fun! We will wait to tell  most people until I'm 12 weeks. It's exciting.
Also this week, I finally got new sneakers. They were the Ryka ones, I just was trying them on for the hell of it and they ended up being the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned, plus I had a $10 off coupon for the store, even better. I love them.

More to come on the pregnancy soon!


  1. Oh wow !! I'm so glad you're pregnant !! I'm crossing fingers for you.