Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I don't think many people expect a teacher to say that but I really do lately. Being afraid of your boss's mood swings or people you work with who argue or don't listen. And how am I supposed to have a good day when I'm aggravated by 7:45? By the time the kids come in I'm ready to scream. And the kids, they NEVER STOP TALKING!!!!!!!! This is a very tough group I have this year and the moral at school doesn't help.
I read an article that was at my school and it talked about how much things have changed and what kids get away with now that was unacceptable decades ago, and it is true! Quiet Down has to be said every 3 minutes in my math class, and I'm the strict teacher!!! It just makes me want to scream!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I didn't even want to talk to my husband because my voice was so warn down from work.
All day I have debated taking a sick day tomorrow. I feel guilty because I just got back from vacation, but then I think about how I wasn't home for 90% of it. Then I think about how I could use my day off to get some new sneakers that I desperately need so I can try to start running again. Husband reminded me that in 2 days I will have 2 days off. 2 DAYS IS TOO FAR AWAY!!! And it would be nice to sleep in, watch Ellen, have coffee and then do some shopping. Shopping isn't easy for me, it's a 45 minute drive to the mall.
I don't know.... we'll see what happens in the morning...
I had my 5th acupuncture appointment today as well as blood work to see if the clomid made me ovulate. I don't know anything yet but I'll post when I do!!
The job stress has made me tired and lazy so there has been no gym (even though I know it would help the stress) but I have been eating healthier the past few days. I've stayed on plan for 3 days and I only gained less then 2 pounds over vacation which I think is good considering the traveling and cake :)
Hopefully I'll be in a better mood next time I write!


  1. I'm sorry work isn't going well for you right now. I started out wanting to be a teacher and I had my first field experience and changed my mind. The kids really never do shut up! They're disrespectful. I decided it wasn't for me- although I still wonder if I would like it if I had my own class... But I hope it gets better for you!

  2. See, that's why I always said that I couldn't be a teacher ! You think they're driving you crazy,I think I'll be one of those people quitting the first day. But you know what, BREATHE and wait for your two days off. And really REALLY make sure you enjoy them.

    If you plan on staying at that place of work, you've got to find way to make it work. If not, well, look elsewhere. Not easy, I know.

    Difficult situation you're in.

    Plenty of courage to you !!

  3. thanks, I went to work... showed a movie and gave some independent work. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!